About Dr. Richard L. Robles

Dr. Robles believes that it is his mission and duty to help empower people with the knowledge and support they need to be healthy.

That’s why he has spent the last 16 years investigating the interconnections between different systems of the body and how they function when they are HEALTHY.

Dr. Robles is Clinic Director of Lucid Force Health Center and is the author of the book The Path To Health: A manual for proper care of the human body.

He is a devoted husband and father, as well as a passionate advocate for health. He earned his Doctorate in Chiropractic and Bachelor of Science in Human Biology from Cleveland Chiropractic College, Los Angeles.

Dr. Robles has spent hundreds of hours in postgraduate study and research into the functional inner workings of the human body and how they are expressed outwardly. This unique focus was the inspiration for building The Path To Health laid out in his book and available online in his Path To Health online program.